Anyone interested in a glass domed bone stem/leaf version of the bone flowers often seen here contact @forgotten_boneyard directly at for custom order info and pricing! πŸŒΈπŸ’€β™₯πŸ’€πŸŒΈ (at

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LAST CHANCE $50! Only one pair of my BoneLust original dedign Real Human Molar Crown & Root Cuff Link Sets at Bonelust.Etsy.Com - I don’t make these very often so fair warning! πŸ’€β™₯πŸ’€ (at

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LAST CHANCE $100! Only one left of the Large Bone Flower French Hair Barrettes that were restocked yesterday. This is the latest Forgotten-Bonelust collaboration. Which is myself, @bonelust_studio working together with Tim Prince, of @forgotten_boneyard ! We will also be releasing more bone flower brooches, pendants & tie/lapel pins, etc. So stay tuned here for updates on all of those, which will be available at Bonelust.Etsy.Com in the near future! πŸŒΈπŸ’€β™₯πŸ’€πŸŒΈ (at

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This is so unbelievably lame I have to share to get the word out. If you see someone trying to sell this or displaying it in their collection let me know. This happened to good friends of mine πŸ‘‰ @pandorasboxmilford “See this? This is a six limbed pig that was delivered yesterday and stolen yesterday from the mail room hallway outside our shop. A police report has been filed and we aren’t happy. So yeah if anyone around here tries to sell this, please contact the Milford police and/or us with their info. Thanks!”

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Excited to just get my pre-order for my friends’ YOB new release - Clearing the Path to Ascend. Released by the great Neurot Recordings. Putting it on right now! πŸŒ“πŸŒ”πŸ’€πŸŒ–πŸŒ—

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Head and skull of malformed infants; conjoined twins, bilateral cleft lip and holoprosencephaly, shown in isolation in 10 numbered illustrations. Each condition is shown with intact infant heads, and with skull, shown in isolation. 2 examples of conjoined twins, fused in the midline of the head. 2 examples of bilateral cleft lip. 1 example of holoprosencephaly. Anterior views. From Surgical Anatomy by Joseph Maclise, published London by J. Churchill, 1856

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Fantastic new prints arrived from @pauljacksonlives thanks so much for the bonus prints mister! You know I’m in love with these skulls exploding from heads series, want them all! πŸ’€β™₯πŸ’€

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I’m rather disturbed to read about what this turtle farm does with their turtles and the mass quantities shipped to China to do so, but happy to hear this little two-headed snapping turtle may be spared the same horrid fate.

An Arkansas biologist calls a newborn two-headed snapping turtle rare, but he says turtle mutations are becoming more common. According to Jonesboro Sun, a North East Arkansas Turtle Farm employee discovered the common snapper last week in a group of 30,000 that are being shipped to China. NEA specializes in the production of several species of turtlesβ€”common snapper turtles, spiny soft shell turtlesβ€”that are native to the area. They are typically sold for research or education, but the Arkansas farm would like to find a home for the baby two-headed turtle, which will likely sell to a collector. Memphis Zoo reptiles and amphibians curator Steve Reichling says these mutations usually occur when twins don’t fully separate during embryogenesis. “We do see them from time to time. It’s something that happens rarely,” he said. Although, Reichling says he does not have any data that could confirm or deny the increase in these mutations. NEA farm owner Marcus Balch told the Sun the turtle is exceptional and one of a kind, despite it’s not the first with an abnormality. A hatchling with one neck and two heads was found at NEA, but it died at birth. Additionally, other turtles have been born with too many legs or no tails. More -

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BACK IN STOCK $100 EACH! Just listed 2 Large Bone Flower French Hair Barrettes. This is the latest Forgotten-Bonelust collaboration. Which is myself, @bonelust_studio working together with Tim Prince, of @forgotten_boneyard ! We will also be releasing more bone flower brooches, pendants & tie/lapel pins, etc. So stay tuned here for updates on all of those, which will be available at Bonelust.Etsy.Com in the near future! πŸŒΈπŸ’€β™₯πŸ’€πŸŒΈ (at

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Bilum Bag with Animal Bones - This bag is characteristic of string bags, called bilum bags, commonly found in Papua New Guinea. These bags are used by both men and women and are made in many different sizes. The purposes for the bags range from carrying babies and belongings to catching fish. Some bags have ceremonial significance and may symbolize a person in mourning or a person who is coming of age. How a bag is constructed depends on its purpose, and different looping techniques can indicate the intended use of a bag. This particular bilum bag also has pig bones attached to the outside and dried plant materials inside. We believe the bag may have been purchased in the 1980s.

The purpose of this particular bag is currently a mystery. A tag identifies it as a medicine bag used in curing ceremonies. Other scholars believe that it may have been used as “hunting magic,” and brought on hunts to bring the hunter good luck. Pigs are a valuable source of food as well as a source of prestige, which is why attaching pig bones to a bilum may be associated with magical power. The size and shape of the loops look similar to the looping technique called “naamba men,” a decorative technique from the Central Highlands. Bags made with this type of looping are generally used to carry personal belongings. For several reasons, our bag was probably not used to carry personal belongings: it is filled with plant material that falls out of the loops when the bag is moved, it is sewn shut, and there are cumbersome bones all around the outside. To help solve this mystery, Professor Janet Keller, Curator of the Spurlock’s Oceanic exhibit, plans on doing further research while on sabbatical in Papua New Guinea next year. From Spurlock Museum in Urbana, Illinois -

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BONELUST PERSONAL COLLECTION: New addition to my skull collection. The slate black Townsend mole (Scapanus townsendii), is the largest mole species in North America, at a total length of 8 to 9 inches.

It is found in open lowland and wooded areas with moist soils along the Pacific coast from southwestern British Columbia to northwestern California. This animal’s total range in Canada is estimated to be 20 kmΒ² (7.7 sq mi). Townsend’s mole is classified as Least Concern by the IUCN, however in Canada it is considered an endangered species.

Its front paws are broad and spade-shaped, specialized for digging; the rear paws are smaller. It has 44 teeth. Its ears are not visible and it has small eyes. It is similar in appearance to the smaller coast mole. This mole spends most of its time underground, foraging in shallow burrows for earthworms, small invertebrates and plant material. It is active year round.

This animal is mainly solitary except during mating in late winter. The female has a litter of two to four young in a deep underground burrow. More -

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Got my copy of The Mammoth Book of Skulls today & was so excited to see so many of my talented friends featured like Dylan Garrett Smith @dylanxvx Ransom & Mitchell @ransom_mitchell Paul Koudounaris @hexenkult Jessica Joslin @jessica_joslin & Noah Scalin @noahscalin as well as many artists I’ve previously shared here that I also admire like Miyu Decay, Maskull Lasserre, Isabelle Dalle & Francois Robert! I found some new artists I need to check out more as well. If you like anatomical art, photography & fashion you’ll love this book. A lot of inspiration found inside these pages! πŸ’€β™₯πŸ’€

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Here’s a new species sighting for me for caterpillars. This adorable & colorful guy is a Pink-striped Oak Moth Caterpillar, Anisota virginiensis. Really hope I luck out and see another adult moth sometime. They are gorgeous as well. β™₯πŸ›β™₯

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A skinny American Green Tree Frog visitor, Hyla cinerea. I mostly just have Squirrel Tree Frogs stopping by so this was a nice surprise. β™₯🐸β™₯

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BONELUST WORKSHOP: Today’s new monster batch of real human teeth. Molars & pre-molars. Some really good looking teeth. And some with interesting decay & fillings.

After countless customer requests you can now buy an Instant Collection of Real Human Molars in a Glass Vial for your curiosity collection at Bonelust.Etsy.Com!

Sorry, but I will not give you my sources for these. Just consider me the tooth fairy. I’m always tracking down legal & ethical human teeth daily.

After I get these whitened & sanitized they will be used in one of my many real human teeth art & jewelry pieces that can already be found for sale at Bonelust.Etsy.Com β™₯😁β™₯Yes, I can also make you custom order pieces using YOUR supplied human & pet teeth. See my custom order listings already in my shop. β™₯😁β™₯ (at

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