Bone/Taxidermy Collectors & Artists Please Be Aware Of This: It Does Not Seem To Be Common Knowledge By Far Too Many People!

Please Understand That The Migratory Bird Treaty Act Was Created To Protect The Birds On The List - At the time is was created in 1918, birds were being quickly killed off and some are now extinct.
Because of hunters, those using their feathers in their clothing/hats, from people collecting mass quantities of birds for their natural history collections and even people collecting their nests & eggs.

Most birds protected by the MBTA are very common every day birds many of us sees outside here in the US. They are not often endangered. That’s a misconception about the MBTA that many don’t understand. But at the time it was created when those same species were in critical decline nearing extinction. With taxidermy, natural history collecting and such being a huge trend again I’m glad the MBTA is still in effect. Otherwise it could all easily happen all over again. So in summary - if you find a dead bird find out exactly what species it is and see if it is MBTA protected.

For Protected Species: You can not legally have the bones, feathers, talon or any other part of the body without special permits that the general public can not get. You also can not have the nest or eggs. Over 800 species of birds are protected.
You can be fined and do jail time for having these illegal items. If you make jewelry/art from them and sell them there is an even higher fine. I see so much illegal bird jewelry being sold on Etsy alone. Be careful. Even if you did not make it you can still get in trouble just for having it! I know people who have had federal agents come to their homes to inspect/confiscate their collections so this is very real. Stay safe with your collections and creations! (at

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BONELUST WORKSHOP: Today’s new batch of real human teeth. Not my usual batch by any means. I rarely get incisors, baby teeth or many with fillings. The almost heart shaped molars are amazing & don’t miss the one on the bottom with the porcelain crown and root canal! Very interesting to see.
After countless customer requests you can now buy an Instant Collection of Real Human Molars in a Glass Vial for your curiosity collection at Bonelust.Etsy.Com!

Sorry, but I will not give you my sources for these. Just consider me the tooth fairy. I’m always tracking down legal & ethical human teeth daily.

After I get these whitened & sanitized they will be used in one of my many real human teeth art & jewelry pieces that can already be found for sale at Bonelust.Etsy.Com β™₯😁β™₯Yes, I can also make you custom order pieces using YOUR supplied human & pet teeth. See my custom order listings already in my shop. β™₯😁β™₯ (at

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BONELUST Q&A: “How can I buy one of your pieces that sell out so fast?” Many of my pieces sell out within minutes of being listed. So some determined customers have literally refreshed my Etsy shop for hours. But an easier way to get an instant alert of new posts is to sign up at my Facebook profile for notifications after friending me there -

You won’t see these notifications if you just “follow” me there, you MUST friend me! Also find me at my FB pages: Bonelust & Bonelust Studio (& likewise sign up for notifications). You can also follow me at Tumblr, Twitter & Etsy if you’re on there more:
Twitter @bonelust_studio
Tumblr is bone-lust

The more places you follow me the better the chance you are alerted of new posts/listings I make! Most up to date place to follow me is probably at Instagram though @bonelust_studio

Otherwise, stay tuned at FB/ IG/Tumblr & Twitter for followup “AVAILABLE NOW” posts for new items as the list that I post after each “AVAILABLE SOON” post, thanks for all of your support! β™₯ jana (at

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BONELUST CURRENT PROJECT: I recently received a very precious delivery packed in dry ice. A customer’s deceased Sphinx cat, Voldemort. I will be processing him for the bones to then return to his person. My memorial pendant option didn’t apply here because this is a hairless breed. So no whiskers or fur. I’m in awe at how large this cat is overall. Curious as to what lays underneath.

I recently posted the skull, skeleton & finished memorial pendant necklace for another kitty I processed. You can see it at #petprocessing I will never post photos of possibly domestic animals in a state of decay. That’s disrespectful and I’d never want the loving animal parent to see that (or want to see any of my own like that).

For years now I’ve had every imaginable request from pet owners to in some way keep a loving memento of their friend upon their passing. I’ve done this for friends in the past but am now publicly offering deceased pet processing services within the US.

I do not do traditional taxidermy or articulation. But besides bone processing I offer dry preserving hearts & paws, etc, if the customer wants them. I understand that this isn’t for everyone & the idea greatly upsets some people. Please understand that I offer a highly respectful option for those of you that do want something of this kind to remember & honor their animal friend by. If you’d like to discuss details you’re welcome to message me directly at Bonelust.Etsy.Com about the details. β™₯🐱 RIP Voldemort 🐱β™₯ (at

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LAST ONE $40! Last chance to pick up this long sold out BoneLust original design - Brass Crescent Moon Cameo Set Molar Pendant Necklaces. Treat yourself at Bonelust.Etsy.Com 🌜β™₯😁β™₯πŸŒ› (at

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JUST RESTOCKED $40! Just listed 2 of this long sold out BoneLust original design - Brass Crescent Moon Cameo Set Molar Pendant Necklaces. Treat yourself at Bonelust.Etsy.Com 🌜β™₯😁β™₯πŸŒ› (at

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BONELUST WORKSHOP: working on more of my When Pigs Fly fetal pig display pieces so stay tuned for when those list on Bonelust.Etsy.Com here! πŸ’€β™₯πŸ’€ (at

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AVAILABLE NOW $35! Clan of the Dire Wolf Pendant Necklace with Real Coyote Canine. Limited quantities available at Bonelust.Etsy.Com so treat yourself now! πŸ’€πŸΊβ™₯πŸΊπŸ’€ (at

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Wow, this American Green Tree Frog turned so dark! Was bright green minutes before. Feeling goth I suppose. Haha

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AVAILABLE TONIGHT $35! Clan of the Dire Wolf Pendant Necklace with Real Coyote Canine. Stay tuned here for a followup post on when these are available at Bonelust.Etsy.Com πŸ’€πŸΊβ™₯πŸΊπŸ’€ (at

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BONELUST TOOTH CUSTOM ORDER INFO: Got these 3 teeth from a customer & after some sanitizing I’ll be making them into some custom order pieces.

I have a number of creations I can make YOUR supplied teeth into. Human, pet or found animal teeth welcome! Glass dome displays, necklaces & rings. Some already have custom order listings at Bonelust.Etsy.Com in my Custom Order Options shop section, with more info/prices. I can also create a new design just for you. My prices are very reasonable. Not all teeth work for all designs so please keep that in mind. I often have customers send me their teeth after an initial custom order purchase & then I tell them what their options are once I have their teeth in hand. Please message me at Bonelust.Etsy.Com with your questions.

I’ve been making human teeth jewelry since the early 90s with my own wisdom teeth & am always flattered to do the same for customers! πŸ‘‰ Some pieces pictured are also already available in my shop right now. You don’t need to send me your teeth to get them for yourself! πŸ‘ˆ (at

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Sometimes death happens quite beautifully and naturally. These 2 months were found on my front porch. A male Io Moth clutching a wood beam and an Imperial Moth hanging from a plant. Both found their final resting place and passed so peacefully they still looked alive. After having not moved for several days I checked on them and found them to my surprise to be dead. Saved for future art, of course. πŸ’€β™₯🐝β™₯πŸ’€

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BONELUST BONE PROCESSING PROGRESS: Just finished up processing a few of these animals. Anyone want to take a guess at what these skulls are from? (at

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BONELUST BONE PROCESSING PROGRESS: Experimentation continues as I try out all kinds of different processing techniques on long-nose gar skulls in different states of decay. An ammonia degreasing worked well on these skull that has no flesh, except where grease was very heavy or decay had begun in the bones. Note that this trial run was not tested on complete skulls. What did remain of these skulls that was not part of the larger solid skull fell away easily. Further reinforcing that minimal water is required in this species cleaning. And best avoided all together. Stay tuned for a full blog of my results when I’m done. (at

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BONELUST PERSONAL COLLECTION: A lovely little Gopher Snake skeleton I recently acquired from a fellow bone collector friend. So delicate and beautiful. πŸ’€β™₯🐍β™₯πŸ’€ (at

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